Specifically customised for individuals who are seeking to make a change. Whether it be to gain muscle mass, reduce body fat percentage or gain strength. I will ensure you are mentally and physically, more ready than ever to achieve your ideal body composition.

My name is Annie Rees and I am a nutritional body transformation coach. Pushing myself on the daily, in and outside of the gym, has lead me to a more positive lifestyle. Just like everyone else, my fitness journey started off rough. From endless hours of cardio, a bad relationship with food and not adopting the right techniques within my training. I have had to undergo many trials and errors to get where I am today. Moving forward, I have a fire in my belly to give individuals the correct knowledge and proper tools to see the results they want!

I believe success comes from not only yourself but those around you. I focus a lot on mindset coaching, nutritional and fitness structure. As a coach, I want to see my clients achieve above and beyond their expectations - not only to get them in shape but allow them to gain the knowledge to continuously stay in shape! Adopting the right mindset to develop a healthy, positive attitude towards nutrition and training, which will allow them to continue to create a new thriving lifestyle!

Llifting Weights

Focusing on your mind, body & soul to become a better you.


'Annie has helped me understand macros at the beginning and what I needed to achieve a progressive overload. She believed in me when I never believed in myself. I learnt that if I put the work in the results will show! I've learnt I do not have to be so hard on myself or be massively strict on myself.'



'Annie has not only helped me with my fitness overall but given me structure and a better routine around my long working hours! Annie guided me through her 8 week shred, consistently checking in on me, gave me the knowledge and tools to help fuel my body correctly and succeed in the RIGHT way. The results in 8 weeks I am more confident in myself and my training than I have ever done before'



'Training with Annie has been incredible! Her belief in me and support has helped me gain so much confidence not only at the gym but in everything I do! Knowing I have 24/7 support throughout made the challenge seem a lot more manageable, I'm eternally grateful for her!




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